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After School Adventures Launches at Redwood Camp!

After School Adventures Launches at Redwood Camp!

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While the closure of most of Mount Hermon’s programs and facilities has been incredibly difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic we are happy to report that we’ve been able to launch our After School Adventures program at our renewed Redwood Camp facility for the 2020-2021 school year! We are thrilled to welcome local grade-school aged campers to Redwood Camp to explore and play outside alongside our loving Christian staff.

Launched two years ago, our After School Adventures program was born out of our desire to minister to local kids and families by meeting a real need for after school care. As in much of California, the cost of living requires most families to have two incomes and for single parents the pressures of work and school are immense. Building on our decades of Outdoor Science School experience we designed a program that immerses kids in God’s creation through guided play and exploration and introduces spiritual disciplines of reflection, prayer and praise.

Unlike a week-long summer camp experience we are able to have extended and frequent relationships with both the students and their families. It has been a blessing already to see God at work in their lives and we look forward to seeing fruit borne in the lives of our community.

This year due to the closure of our OSS program for the fall, and the renewed Redwood Camp facility, we were excited to move the program to Redwood Camp. The setting near the creeks amongst the majestic redwoods has been perfect for bringing a sense of peace and calm for the students during these crazy times.

Over the year we look forward to bringing you stories from the staff and of lives transformed at our After School Adventures program. God is alive and at work at Mount Hermon!
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