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Redwood Camp is Finished!

Redwood Camp is Finished!

Redwood Camp is finished!

After almost two years of diligent efforts we’re happy to report that the Redwood Camp cabin renewal project is complete! We’ve installed all new sub-surface infrastructure including new power, gas and water lines, poured new foundations, raised new walls, installed beautiful new roofs, and most importantly, added bathrooms to the cabins! While completion of this project has been a long time in coming, we’re thrilled with the results.

Previously, each cabin was little more than four walls and a roof: cement floors, one power outlet, and no bathroom. During the remodel we “joined” the cabins together in pairs and were able to add a bathroom facility between them. Previously to use the restroom at night a camper would have to not only leave the cabin and traipse through the forest to the bathhouse, but they’d have to wake up their counselor and at least one other camper to go with them! The simple addition of a restroom in the cabins will mean more rested campers and staff. Joining the cabins also has the added benefit of allowing the counselors to “co-counsel” in the mornings and evenings during cabin time and will expand the circle of friendships between the campers.

Each cabin now has a beautiful new roof, polished floors, smooth wooden interior walls, LED lighting, outlets and gorgeous new wooden bunk beds. While they are still simple accommodations that were designed for youth they are clean, cozy, comfortable and will serve for decades to come.

In addition to the new cabins we were able to add a new climbing feature to the playground area perfect for grade school aged campers. It not only looks great but will be a durable fixture campers will enjoy for years to come.

The renewal of the Redwood Camp cabins would never have happened without the generous support of hundreds of donors that understood how a clean, comfortable cabin paves the way for campers to learn about Jesus. When campers feel safe and are well rested they not only have a better camp experience, but can more easily receive the message of the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers and gifts that have made this transformation possible. Please join us in prayer for summer 2021 and that we’ll be able to invite campers back to overnight programs in 2021!
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