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God at work at Ponderosa Lodge – Week 3

God at work at Ponderosa Lodge – Week 3

Testimonies compiled by Scotty Gullick


A fifth-year “super senior” camper at Ponderosa Lodge, Stacy shared during the regular Friday night sharing time about how God met her during her week of camp. In tears she recalled her years here, and described Ponderosa as a “true home.”

Coming from Japan for a week at Ponderosa Lodge, Mia loved sharing a cabin with students she could relate with, who understood her hurts (some even spoke her same language). During camp, Mia realized Jesus wants “all of me; that God doesn’t want me to go home unchanged,” and she surrendered her life to God.

Steven lost his mom to cancer two years ago and stopped going to church because he was mad at God. Wanting to be strong for his family, he hadn’t yet cried about it. But the tears came during Thursday night’s worship, as he was convinced of the presence of God. Steven is now back in his church, pursing his relationship with the Lord.”

At Ponderosa Lodge, Alissa sought out and really grasped what a relationship with Jesus means, and gratefully gave her life to Christ. Talking with Brooke, her counselor, Alissa realized that back at home she’d have no help to grow, and asked Brooke to purposely check in with her!

Youth Groups:

Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church
Walnut Creek Pres. youth leaders Brendan, Risa and Brian block-registered their students and joined them in cabins for the first time for a Ponderosa Lodge week. Giving camp a shot, Brendan, the Sr. High pastor, was surprised at “how well Pondy did summer camp!” His time with his students has encouraged Brendan to sign up even more next summer. Brian, their summer intern, said being at camp with his guys built strong relational foundations for reaching out to them the rest of the summer.

Santa Rosa Bible Church
Doug and Sandy Cavalier came as youth pastors for Ponderosa Lodge’s week three. They both had good times with their students, and Sandy had nine girls in her cabin! Many of the girls didn’t know each other well before the week, and Pondy was a great place to see the smaller groups bond into a larger church community.

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