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CD/MP3 Form Ready for Writers Conference Recipients

CD/MP3 Form Ready for Writers Conference Recipients

If you were at the Writers Conference this year and want to order CD’s or MP3’s of the workshops and general Sessions, the form is now posted on the first page of the Writers Conference website in the right hand upper corner.  Have at it.

Have been thinking about 2012 Writers and want to encourage you to start saving right now, and working on your writer friends to come with you this coming year.  Liz Curtis Higgs will be our Keynote speaker.  You’ll love her.  She is funny, a great speaker, personable and approachable, and has a heart for God that won’t quit.  Faculty and workshops, tracks, have not be decided as of this date, but it will be good, as always, so we’ll look for you next year, March 30-April 3, 2012.

In the meantime, have a great summer.  Make sure you come looking for information around November 1 for full info on Writers Conference.  See you then.

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