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Staff is the Heart of the Program

Staff is the Heart of the Program

At Kidder Creek, we believe the Staff Is the Program. We recognize the impact our staff has on each person that steps on our campus and the importance of hiring quality staff.  We work hard, and strive to have the best team possible, all pulling in the same direction.

During our hiring season we seek out individuals who check 3 main boxes:

  • Love Jesus
  • Love Kids
  • Love Adventure

Candidates are required to fill out applications complete with screening questions that dive deeper into their relationship with God and what is motivating them to spend their summer at camp. Interviews are conducted, references are checked, and backgrounds are screened to ensure we are making informed hires.

Our staff spends their summer away from the day to day, developing valuable skills, and participating in an incredible community of peers and mentors.

Each summer Kidder is blessed with the best staff; a staff committed to living out the Gospel by serving well, asking good questions, and supporting our campers as they create memories that will last a lifetime.

By Becky Borst
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