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Volunteer Partners (A Treasure of Trust)

Volunteer Partners (A Treasure of Trust)

Every year, a theme verse is displayed on the large redwood plank hanging in the auditorium. Back in 2002, it read: “God is our refuge and strength” –Psalm 46:1

That was the year we first came to Mount Hermon with First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley on our annual All Church Conference. As a young married couple from Cal, busy with our careers and becoming new parents, our marriage and family unexpectedly came under attack. But God knew what we needed, and led us to a safe haven, into the sanctuary woods that is the magical Mount Hermon.

We come every Memorial Day weekend with our church retreat, a tradition for more than 65 years! Spending time at Mount Hermon with our congregation each year has been a blessing to our family and a great time of fellowship, learning, reflecting and retreating with hundreds of our First Pres friends.

For years, we noticed the friendly and hardworking staff serving our big guest group from Berkeley. Then when we started coming to the summer family camps and sending our kids to Redwood and Ponderosa, we soon realized that the programs and people of Mount Hermon were top notch and truly amazing!

This Heavenly place is where we come and feel safe, secure and strengthened by God, who always shows up in the big redwood trees, the gentle streams of water, the powerful worship music, the sound Biblical teaching, through the loving service of the staff, the laughter and joy of people, with peace and beauty abounding everywhere!

Since our first time here 13 years ago, we have found “refuge and strength” every year and have each grown spiritually stronger and closer together as a family. It is always a blessing to be with God here at Mount Hermon and meet so many wonderful folks from around the world right here in our favorite place on earth!

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