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Creative Ideas for Getting Your Friends to Writers

Creative Ideas for Getting Your Friends to Writers

Last week I got an e-mail from a woman who is in charge of a good sized writers group, asking if there was a way she could bring a group to Writers Conference!  Why YES!  Go for it, was what I responded.  Even suggested they use the campership fund if necessary to get them all here.  It looks like they’ll be bringing 11 or 12 writers!  How fun is that?  Imagine coming to Mount Hermon Writer’s with a group of your writing buddies.  Sounds like heaven on earth to me, how about you?

Are you a part of a writers group?  Have you suggested that everyone come to the writers conference together?  Do it.  And if you do, e-mail me and let’s talk about how to get the largest grouping of your writing friends here at the same time!  My e-mail is  You WILL hear back from me.

Eager to see how many of you take me up on this.  You’ll never be sorry you did!

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  • Hey, I just convinced my third (yes third male!) editing client to attend Mount Hermon this year! I will have three guys on my arm the whole time. better not tell my husband…

    I am so excited to help them get connected. It was fun to pitch to an agent two years ago for my friend and client–and got her signed as a client! So rewarding to see connnnections like that made. I know some great things will take place this year. We are all getting excited!

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