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Writers Conference Instructor Changes

Writers Conference Instructor Changes

The Lord has His creative ways of working things out for Writers Conference each year, and this year is no exception.  Several of our faculty members have had to cancel and I wanted to let you know.

TRICIA GOYER, our Teen Track instructor, and her husband have been trying to adopt a little Chinese baby for the past three years, but have continually faced a non-responsive, frustrating process.  Last week they got a call about a baby that will be born the first week of March right in their area . . . did they want to adopt this child?  What would you say if you were in their shoes?  Of course they want the child!  Because they can’t take their little girl across statelines until the adoption is final (which could take considerable time) this cuts out Writers Conference for them!  Tricia was sad/happy . . . sad, because she really wanted to teach the Teen Track . . . happy with this incredible gift God has placed in their laps.  I totally understand.  How could I not?  Tricia has agreed to teach the 2011 Teen Track!  Thanks, Tricia!

Wednesday  God provided BRYAN DAVIS to fill in for Tricia.  Bryan was our Teen Track instructor in 2008 and the students loved him.  And he loved them, staying up ’til all hours of the night helping them with their writing projects.  Even though Bryan has a seminary degree and a degree in industrial engineering, he relates well with the teens.  We’re so excited Bryan had the time to fill this vital position.

Two other instructors have had to cancel because of unexpected surgeries.  VICKI CRUMPTON, executive editor with Revell/Baker Publishing Group, let me know several weeks ago the doctor wants her to have neck surgery as soon as possible.  She asked if it were possible to fill her spot with Revell’s senior editor ANDREA DOERING.  Now she’s worried that we’ll like Andrea so much we may never invite her back!  Not a chance, Vicki, and thanks for helping me fill this spot!

Then agent JANET BENREY, with Benrey Literary, ended up hurting her knee right around the holidays, and is facing knee surgery, which didn’t bode well for her hobbling around Mount Hermon’s hilly terrain.  We have filled her spot with agent SANDRA BISHOP of MacGregor Literary.

I see this as clear proof  God cares about writers conference and has His people in line to help make it the best possible.  I’m looking forward to what He is going to do.

TIME LEFT: Just a reminder there’s only two months left to save your shekels and register for this awesome conference that will change your life!  Hustle gang!

Looking forward to seeing you here . . . soon!

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