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MH Writers Conference Moment with Joanne Reese

MH Writers Conference Moment with Joanne Reese

“I find it difficult to put my Mount Hermon experience into words.  I could talk about the cozy accommodations, the great food and the breathtaking surroundings.  I could tell you that career-boosting connections and lifelong friendships were made, that mentoring help was accumulated by the truckload, and critiquing comments polished me up until I shined.  All would be true.  But for the sake of honesty, I feel the need to post a disclaimer:  God showed up!  His presence was more real to me than it had ever been.  And coming down off that mountain air, I knew two things.  One, just how difficult becoming a writer was going to be; and two, that God was calling me to something so much bigger than myself.”

Joanne Reese ( contributes regularly to a local on-line magazine called  Her devotions have been published on, and she has been published in Light & Life magazine.  An article will also appear in Vista magazine during the summer of 2010.  She has composed several articles for her church’s newsletter and has created Bible study curriculum for home groups.

Joanne is pictured with her 2009 Mentor Karen O’Connor

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