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Still Wondering Why You Should Attend?

Still Wondering Why You Should Attend?

When I think of Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, what first comes to mind are the people God brings together year after year to that special place nested between the mountains and the sea. There I’ve made many dear friends, met my wonderful agent, and received guidance from teachers who sacrificed their time and energy to help dreamers become writers and writers become better.

Mount Hermon is about learning and laughter and music and prayer—and food (lots of food). But above all it’s about God’s unmistakable presence and power, which you can feel. Somewhere among and between the conversations and the quiet times, when my heart is wide open, I sense his hand in bringing me to Mount Hermon. I might be gazing at a sunlit meadow or talking with a new friend or resting in the hush of Palm Sunday service, and in a moment of clarity I understand why I was brought to that special place. Time after time the reason is more wonderful than anything on my goals list—and one I wouldn’t want to have missed for the world.

Marilyn Hilton has published numerous articles, devotions, stories, essays, and poems, and The Christian Girl’s Guide to Your Mom, a book for preteen girls. By day she’s a technical writer for a software company in California’s Silicon Valley, not far from beautiful Mount Hermon. Visit her website at

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