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Web Binder up on Writers Site

Web Binder up on Writers Site

The 2010 Web Binder for this years Writers Conference is up and running under “Forms” on the menu.  Go to the bottom of the Forms page to find it. 

Please check the Workshop Schedule against the binder and print off the workshops you want to go to, or just download the whole thing onto your laptop and bring it with you.  They are in  pdf format, so If you can’t type into a pdf file, you’ll need to print them off before you come.

There will be six copies of the binder for DISPLAY in Hospitality, so if you decide to change your mind once you get here, you can have Hospitality print off whatever you  need for a very reasonable price per copy. 

Last week before we all get together for this glorious time.  Can’t wait to be with you all and see what God will do.

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