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Two Guidepost Winners from Mount Hermon Writers Conference

Two Guidepost Winners from Mount Hermon Writers Conference

EVERY WRITER WHO ENTERS A CONTEST SHOULD WIN.  Unrealistic? Maybe a little…but a girl can believe! In fact TWO fabulous girls who entered a contest did believe and THEY WON!

CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Bogart and Marci Seither. They entered the Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest and were just notified that they won! They’ll be whisked off to Rye, New York to stay at the Wainwright House for five days. The editors at Guideposts magazine will teach them everything they know about writing first-person inspirational stories.

Guideposts chooses only 15 people out of the thousands who enter, and they hold this contest just once every two years. This is a remarkable achievement for both Lisa and Marci, who I know worked very hard at crafting a story for the contest. They have been regular attendees at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conferences and have taken numerous classes to hone their craft. I applaud their efforts, their determination, their willingness to learn. I know they will have a fabulous time in New York.

Way to go, Girls!

B.J. Taylor, Guidepost Representative & Faculty member for Mount Hermon Writers Conference

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