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Where Writers Come to Grow

Where Writers Come to Grow

Several months ago I put out the question of a “tag-line” for our Writers Conference to specific people on my faculty.  It was great to receive a lot of responses–they were into this big time.  We all liked “Where Writers Come to Grow”.  And EVERYONE loved the Redwoods being our model of growth.  Somehow these majestic giants capture people’s hearts.

Redwoods grow in clumps, with their roots entangled with those around them.  In storms it’s rare that Redwoods go over.  That community of helpers keeps them upright and growing in the right direction.  Yes, that’s the perfect picture of our annual Writers Conference. 

At our Writers Conference you’ll meet other writers who are in the same position you are, those who have more experience than you, faculty and agents who teach the seminars and boost your understanding, and our keynoter, Bill Myers, who will motivate and encourage your heart as you work on your project.  You’ll find we’re a community of grace and mercy, where you’ll grow with those sitting beside you, get a  jump-start you if you’re bogged down, and be held up by old and new friends you’ll find here.  

What’s not to like about growing in the craft of writing?  Don’t waste another minute wondering if Mount Hermon’s Christian Writers Conference is worth it.  Ask any of our faculty members and many of them will tell you it was here at Mount Hermon Writers that they got their start, or made connections with agents and publishers that pushed their writing to a higher level.

Join us April 15-19 and see for yourself!  This is where writers come to grow!

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