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TEEN TRACK DISCOUNT for Writers Conference

TEEN TRACK DISCOUNT for Writers Conference

It’s a month away from Writers Conference and we are attempting to encourage more teenagers to attend.  What an incredible experience it would be for any teen who loves to write to have the privilege to learn the craft of writing in a setting like Mount Hermon!  So here’s the deal . . .

We’re offering a one time 50% discount of all conference costs for any teen who would be participating in the Teen Track.  This does not include travel or fun costs once here, but any conference charges, including tuition, housing and food.  The process would be the same for registration . . . register on-line at, and in the comment box, mark it TEEN TRACK writer, and ask for a campership form.  From there we’ll handle the working out of the details.

Do you know any teen that loves to write and just needs a little encouragement financially?  Spread the word!  You’ll be happy you did . . . and I can promise you THEY will be!

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  • Do you have any teen writing camps this summer? Do you know of any teen Christian writing camps? Thank you!

    • Sharon,

      I’m not sure I know of any SUMMER teen writing workshops or conferences. We have one most years at Mount Hermon in our Writers Conference which is every year over the Palm Sunday weekend, Friday through Tuesday morning.

      Wish I could help you more but that’s about all I know. Have you used Google to see if anything comes up? That would be my best idea for you.


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