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Break In Writing Devotionals

Break In Writing Devotionals

Do you love spending time in God’s Word? As you move through your daily life, do you see God at work?

Have you thought about writing devotionals?

Maybe it’s time you did.

We have editors from two different daily devotional magazines joining us at Mount Hermon, March 27-31, 2015.


Indeed MagazinePathways

Susan King New

From Susan King, Associate Editor at The Upper Room

“Whenever I find my writing getting sloppy, I write a devotional for The Upper Room and it tightens it right up,” book author and former editor (The Saturday Evening PostGuideposts) Hal Hostetler once told me. He claimed that writing devotionals was the best discipline a writer could have. Then he added, “And who can resist the reach?” He was referring to the opportunity The Upper Room offers to connect with millions of readers in over 100 countries worldwide.

But these aren’t the only reasons to write devotionals. This practice also provides great spiritual discipline. After all, connecting God’s Word to the experiences of our lives is what Christians should be doing every day. Have God’s care and presence become real for you in your interaction with others? Has the Bible given you guidance and helped you see God at work? Has the meaning of scripture become personal for you as you reflected on it?

Yes? Then you have something to share in a devotional.

For more detailed guidelines and all sorts of helpful tips on writing devotionals, go to

Click here to read Susan King’s BIO.

Chris Tiegreen

Chris Tiegreen, Editor of Indeed Devotional Magazine and Pathways Magazine, is teaching an afternoon worksh0p — Devotionals: Breakfast with Your Readers

“One of the most effective ways to get your message in front of readers daily is through devotionals. But a good devotional is more than just an encouraging thought for the day. Learn how to draw readers in, take them deeper, and leave them with an insight that lingers long after they have finished reading.”

Click here to read Chris Tiegreen’s BIO. 

Join us at Mount Hermon to learn how to Break In Writing Devotionals.


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