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Beyond the 21 Day Challenge :: September 1

Beyond the 21 Day Challenge :: September 1

the Beyond the 21 Day Challenge passage for today is Psalm 119:1-56.  Click here to read it online.

Don’t forget the 4 steps of journaling and processing God’s Word that we talked through this summer:

  1. READ :: Read through the entire passage for the day and pay attention to what moves you as you read.  Choose 1-3 verses that move you to focus on for the next step.
  2. WRITE :: Write those 1-3 verses out in a journal (either electronic or handwritten).  You can write the verse(s) in your own words or you can just write it out as it is written in your Bible.  The goal is to begin moving this passage from your head to your heart.
  3. PRAY :: In response to those 1-3 verses you have focused on, write out a short prayer to God.  It could be a prayer of praise, confession, thankfulness, repentance or even of frustration.  Just be honest before God.
  4. DO :: write out 1 action step that you are going to take today in response to what God has taught you in these 1-3 verses.

Feel free to share what God is teaching you in the comment section on this blog each day!

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