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Adaptability and Two-pieces

Adaptability and Two-pieces

Hello? Is that you? Wave or something, I can barely see you.MJ here! Hope you all have been making the most of your time since I last blogged. 


I just took a strengths finders test. Yes. I needed to find my strengths. I found them.


Adaptability was my first strength. The ability to adapt to situations, to go with the flow, to be flexible and able to change it up, jump on board or abandon ship. I would consider myself easy going, in fact most people would agree with me and have often questioned my passion and motivation.

I have grown up immersed in sports. Sports was my life, life was my sports. I was a great athlete, but I was always questioned on my passion and competitiveness because of my mellow personality. We won, I was excited – I was not jumping up and down, but I was excited. We lost, I was bummed – I was not crying but I was bummed. I got an A on a test, sweet. I got a D on a paper, bummer. I am just very mellow and for a some reason I have gotten a lot of flak for it, which led to me question my heart and my ‘lack of passion’. Something must have been wrong with me.

Now I have come to realize in a healthy balance that adaptability is a skill, a strength. My top strength. I am mellow, I can go with the flow, it takes A LOT for me to get heated or fired up. This is a gift. Why? Because life is one big curve ball. You NEVER know what the day can bring so to have the ability to adapt to situations well, is a great thing. It is a strength. 




Dear MJ-

Can I bring my two piece to camp?

                             – Taylor


Two-Piece Taylor –   I would not and here is why. Although you do get a better tan (skin cancer intake) in a two piece, camp is not a tanning tropical paradise. It is an adventure. We don’t allow “laying out in a two piece” on the pool deck because we want you in the water playing water basketball or doing crazy flips off the high dive. And well, doing that, plus our water recreation games in a two-piece is not functional. If all you have is a two-piece then you can bring it, but you MUST wear a dark colored shirt or tank top over it that covers your mid driff while on the pool deck. 🙂

Cheers and see you this summer!

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