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Life on Star 51

Life on Star 51

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At the risk of ruining a perfectly awful song, I feel it is my civic duty to inform you, dear reader, of a blunt reality that has ushered too many noble Americans into a false, albeit nifty, sense of security.

Though you (and millions like you) were dooped into believing there are 50, indeed, there are 51.

Now, before you shake your fist at the screen, furrow your brow and shout treason, hear me out.  The State of Jefferson is perhaps more accurately (depending on who you talk to) described as a State of Mind – but a state nonetheless. 

To legitimize our statehood, let me draw your attention to our flag, committee, 815 members, and most importantly, our website.

After visiting our website, you will see that though our history and soil are rich and bountiful, our public support is not. 

So sadly, in this cruel and curious world where the truth packs a wicked sting… today is no exception.  For now, State of Jefferson, we bow, we salute, but for the sake of the “nifty”, we ignore as we sing…

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