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Steep & Cheap

Steep & Cheap

I love March… you know why? REI Dividend.  That’s right.  March is the month that brings joy to every gear lover’s heart.  The moment that envelope arrives in the mail marked “dividend inside”, I feel like doing one of those cheesy jump and heel clicks.

With this year’s dividend I received a new Camelbak, headlamp, and life jacket for my dog (bring it on, rapids).

So now that we’ve established that March dominates the gear junkie’s devotion, what is to become of the other eleven?  I mean c’mon, there’s April, June, and who could forget September?  Why can’t these guys show some love to us gear fiends? Are they destined for Gregorian doom?  Step it up August! 

Fear not, I bear good news.


Not only do they feature a super-smashing deal of the hour, but each morning they deliver a small gem of wisdom to my inbox.  Today’s:

“Waking up at 4am and thinking it’s time to get up for work is a pretty good feeling since you get to go back to sleep for another four hours. Waking up at 8am and thinking it must be about 3am is not a pleasant way to start the day. The best is the sheer panic that arrives at 9am when you think you’re late for work, only to realize a moment later that it’s Saturday and you’re allowed to stay in bed until noon if you want. I find so much more value in my time that I’m doing nothing once I feel that anxiety rebound.”

So true.

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