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Low tops VS mids

Low tops VS mids

Lets just begin by saying without shoes where would we be?  Now I know that there are some places in the world don’t even have socks let alone shoes but that shouldn’t hinder us from some healthy discussion on style points.  So in my time on this earth I have worn almost every style of shoe imagineable but let’s face it what we really need to be concerned about is function, then fashion.  For me, I have to be able to do one of the following in my shoes

  • Bomb a hill
  • Skate a park
  • Do a wheelie or bunnie hop or kick-out
  • Run decently fast
  • Jump out of a moving vehicle
  • Climb a great tree

That pretty much sums up the need for shoes im my world and then by the way they gotta look sweet too.  You know, like you know what your talkin bout.  The other thing is they gots to be steady.  Meaning I have to be able to wear them with pants or shorts and not look goofy, which is why High Tops aren’t even a part of this discussion because of this eqaution

shorts + socks + High Tops = pants

besides when in your daily routine do need “ankle support”  all lumberjacks and crusty construction workers are dismissed at this time.

So now that we are alone let’s get down to business….is it lows or mids?  Let me make my case and then I will gladly take any comment or questions.

I’ll just come right out with it LOWS!  There I said it and here is why.  The low top is the most casual of all shoe.  It says “hey bud I know you see me” and also just gives you the easy confidence of a man about his business.  I will also say that there are far more variety of low tops available making them the dominating force in all shoedom.  Think about Run DMC, when they rocked the mic they were wearing lows.  Think about just rollin with your hommies who’s wearin what….lows.  And let me close with this, a recent study shows that we spend a total of at least two weeks of our life tying our shoes.  Now with Mids your adding a couple of  extra shoe string holes which means more time fussing about and getting your feet all situated which could easily lend itself to more of your life being spent tying your shoes.  If you are wearing mids right now I would say you’ve probably lost a good additional day or maybe even two just messing with those laces dahwg.  Which is why I wear slip ons as much as possible, which are mainly available in lows.

thank you for your time.

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