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The Paradigm Shift of a Hot Dog

The Paradigm Shift of a Hot Dog

So the other day I was with a good friend of mine and we had a hankerin for some 31 flavs, you know jamocha nut slam, peanut buttery slider with a swirl of whatever that goo is, or the most confusing… gumbally wally.  So we had in mind the promise of the pink and blue sign skillfully located in some strip mall located next to some video store and a take home pizza joint.  To our surprise we found our Robins, Baskin in an old Der Weiner Schnitzel hut.  After a triple take and quick argument of whether or not we were going to get a foot long or a single scoop, we were there.

Paradigm shift #1  The protrusive A frame of Der Weiner Schnitzel is actually now a 31 Flavors?  I see the roof  line and I smell hot dogs but what waits inside is an arctic wasteland of frozen sugar and cream, and super ripped forearms….strange.

As we approached the front doors I was suddenly struck with a great idea.  It all happened at once…I claimed out loud that I am going to the top of that Weiner Roof to enjoy the view, and I was off.  In a full sprint.  By the way I’m pretty fast for 6’2″ and pushing 2 bills (you know winter and lazinesss).  Anywhoo I was two steps into my approach and my buddy said “that’s would be so sweet” .  The “eeeeet” was still hanging in the air when my foot made contact with the side of Der Weiner, dang it I mean Baskin and Robins.  And immediately following my first step was the momentum of my face.  You see you will almost get no where in life unless you lean into it and so I did .  The thing is, the marine layer had settled upon this fiberglass roof which had created the recipe for “slicker than snot”, and thus my face was rapidly approaching contact with Der Weiner Schnitzel.  Dangit, sorry, Baskin and Robins.  Fortunately for me, and you if we are ever attacked in a dark alley, I have wicked fast reflexes and was able to somehow catch my self before a certain shattering of teeth happened.  Sadly no summit was achieved that night, but fortunately ice cream was ate, even if I was thinking about hot dogs the whole time.

Paradigm shift #2  What appeared to be was not.  A promising A frame suggesting glorious peaks and promising views was just the worlds fastest slip-n-slide disguised as a roof.  A Weiner roof that is.

All this to say that things have been talked about and tried.  Big ideas have been even bigger flops, i mean take the double bun bike seat for crying out loud!  But let us pause and be encouraged to know what you know and risk big,  for reward could be hidden in a shape shifting hot dog stand.  Just stretch those hammies and go for it!

Don’t forget the dental insurance.

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