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The Nature of Power

The Nature of Power

Last year, I began my job at Kidder Creek – Mount Hermon’s satellite camp in the Marble Mountains.  After moving from LA County (population 10,363,850) to Greenview (population 200), I experienced a brief period of culture shock, and became somewhat of a podcast junkie.  Without internet or television at my house, podcasts seemed to be my only link to the outside world, and I would download them by the gigabyte before leaving the office each day.

One of my favorites is the Discovery Channel Video Podcast – I highly recommend it. Every few days they release a new one – usually a short clip from one of their more popular programs.

I want to share one with you.  It’s called “The Nature of Power: Hans Florine” 

An arrogant title, no doubt – but ultra cool if your name is Hans Florine.  Imagine if it was your name in there – “The nature of power: Craig Thompson”  I feel my biceps growing already.

Listen to the way he talks about rock climbing – with such confidence, adoration, and excitement.  I hope that’s how you talk about ministry – I hope that’s how I talk about ministry!  

Hans sees climbing as a challenge, a joy, and a thrill.  It consumes his attention. It is his love.  Perhaps most profound: there are times when he doesn’t remember how incredible it is – until he shares it with someone else.

Check it out if you have 2 minutes.

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