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The Adventures of Jimmy K., Mary Jane, and Chelsea

The Adventures of Jimmy K., Mary Jane, and Chelsea

Once upon a time, on a far off mountain top called Ponderosa, lived two happy munchkins named Mary Jane and Chelsea. Everyday, Mary Jane and Chelsea would don their colorful sweat pants and comb their stylish hair, and run to and fro across the grassy knoll on top of Ponderosa, pretending they were ping-pong balls and locomotive trains while sipping their coffee. The squirrels, birds, and rodents would watch and hum to the tune of the girls’ happiness.
But alas, one day, Mary Jane and Chelsea had to say goodbye to their beloved friend Scooter. He was on his way to another far off, distant land, so he could learn more stuff. Chelsea pouted her bottom lip, and Mary Jane withheld a silent sob in her throat, as the two stood at the top of the mountain and waved goodbye to Scooter.
As the months went on, Mary Jane and Chelsea tried to be brave. They would smile and wave to the visitors of the mountain as they came to share in the girls’ happiness. But as time went on, both girls knew that life on Ponderosa would never be the same.
Then one day, three people arrived on top of the mountain by way of long-board. Mary Jane and Chelsea squinted their eyes as the visitors approached, and then with a burst excitement, realized it was their new dear friends Jimmy K., Cynthia, and their son Gustavian. Mary Jane and Chelsea locked their arms and dosie-dosed in circles across the meadow and sang, because they were so happy their new friends were at Ponderosa to stay. The excitement brought together their other friends too: Emmeline Bartholomew who joined their song in harmony, Kelly Flane who gleefully giggled and Kittredge Car who clapped her hand together.
Life on Ponderosa became happy again. Mary Jane and Chelsea had three new friends, Jimmy K., Cynthia and Gustavian. And every morning, as the birds began to sing, all the people of Ponderosa would gather together and clink their “OceanSpin” mugs full of coffee, and continue to sing and dance.

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