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Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

I love great style.  It’s hard to describe it, but you know it when you see it.  I don’t pretend to have it, but I sure appreciate it.  You can see great style in how people dress, the art they love, cars they drive, how you act out character in a play and it even shows up in everyday stuff like walking and talking.  I’m intrigued by the concept.

Sometimes style is completely original, or at least it appears that way.  Sometimes it is a remake of something classic.  This time of year I always think of this catchy song from a band I really like, Sublime.  They have a unique, blended style of music, –kinda hard to describe.  One of their songs  (Doin Time) actually is a loose cover of Summertime by George Gershwin…from an opera in the 50’s!   Our Director of Youth Ministry, Jeremy Klaniecki, restored an old Ford truck a few years ago.  It has a new paint job, a cherry bomb rumbling underneath and just plain looks sweet.  It is both old and new at the same time. That thing has style.

Mount Hermon is old—over 100 years.  I love working here and hearing all the old stories.  I can’t put my finger on it—but somehow this place has style.  Sure we miss the mark on stuff but there seems to be an overall vibe that the place just has something to it.  Part of me thinks it is because there is so much history here—its tough NOT to be classic!  I also think there is a sense that people want to embrace the past, but also connect it with the future.  Sorta like a bunch of punk-rock reggae guys in Long Beach looping in a perfect selection of Gershwin.

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