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Lives Transformed

Lives Transformed

I am learning that I underestimate God’s power to change lives.

At Ponderosa Lodge this summer, we spent each week studying the faithfulness of God.  Every day, campers would spend 20-30 minutes alone reading a Bible passage on God’s faithfulness.  They would then spend 30-45 minutes studying that same passage together in their cabin groups.  Students loved this time in God’s Word!

On the advice of my boss, we created, “The 21 Day Challenge”–a 21 day Bible reading plan for students to take home and continue studying passages about God’s faithfulness.  It’s our vision at Mount Hermon that camp is much more than just a mountain top experience for students.  In order for this to happen, they need to stay connected to God’s life-giving Word.  I really had no idea how many students would take “The 21 Day Challenge.”

As the summer came to a close, we started hearing from campers.  They were done with “The 21 Day Challenge” and they wanted to know what they could read next!  I was absolutely blown away.  I never thought past the 21 days.  I figured that if I could get students in God’s Word for 21 days, it would be amazing!  What’s even more amazing is that students are now taking part in our “Beyond the 21 Day Challenge.”  They are actually reading their Bibles and loving it!  One student shared this on our Facebook fan page:

“I love spending a little time each day with God, which surprised me because at first I thought I wouldn’t like it.”

I am blown away at God’s power to change lives.  I am also blown away at how little I sometimes expect from Him.  I learned a valuable lesson throughout all of this—it is time for me to stop underestimating God’s power to change lives.

To learn more about Mount Hermon’s “Beyond the 21 Day Challenge” you can click here.  To read today’s passage, click here.

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