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My Amata Experience

My Amata Experience

Amata Girls Pushing a Stroller

Amata is a two-week camp experience that can be summed up in two words: beloved & babysitting. Teen girls will have the experience of a lifetime living together in a cabin at Conference Center, being mentored by college-aged staff, and discovering what it means to be a woman of God.  Amata is for girls entering 8-10th grade. We recently caught up with Whitney Huff to hear about her Amata experience.

By Whitney Huff – 8th grade student

Throughout my entire life I have always known I was a Christian. I went to church, I went to camp, but it was more of a routine then a way of living. Amata opened my eyes to who God truly was and that he had a plan for my life. After Amata I lived with a heart that pursued God and I wanted to show that in the way that I lived. I didn’t know what to expect when I first got to the camp, but it was an experience that has changed my life forever. As we served the families at family camp by babysitting it has inspired me to serve and help people in my life and community.

Continued from the Mount Hermon Youth Newsletter

Through the scripture and discussions, we dove into something that hit me for the first time afresh. Even though we are broken, God will forever and always love us even when we make the worst mistakes. His love is everlasting and he pursues us even when we turn our backs to him. Living in the Amata house with the sixteen girls gave me friendships and bonds that were more meaningful than friends I had had since birth, and I saw how God had worked through each of their own lives. Amata was an experience that inspired me to live a life entirely for Christ.

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