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An Inside Look at the Mount Hermon Intern Program

One of the many experiences that Mount Hermon has to offer young adults is our intern program.  Brad Orender has been an intern at Mount Hermon for the past 2 years and recently has moved into the role of Food Retail Manager.  Ben Wulbern, one of our Youth and Young Adult Specialists, sat down with him and asked a few questions regarding his experience throughout the intern program. 

Ben:  Why did you choose to do an internship at Mount Hermon?

Brad:  It all started by being on Summer staff for a number of Summers. During that time I noticed how much intentionality Mount Hermon put into hiring their full time and part time staff.  The community grabbed my attention and had me leaving each Summer wanting more. I thought that if they put that much effort into hiring each of those staff members, they must put a lot of thought and consideration into the intern program.


Ben:  What has challenged you most in the internship?

Brad: Being in the guest services department there is a lot interdepartmental communication that happens.  This has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to communicate well with those departments.  As an intern at Mount Hermon you don’t just make copies and get your boss coffee like the intern stereotype says.  There is a lot of responsibility that each intern takes in their respective departments.  In regards to the intern community, it can be amazing; however, at times and can be wearing, but in working through situations of conflict in a healthy manner I experienced an immense amount of growth.


Ben: What was the biggest reward of the internship?

Brad: Real world experience that translates into the work field you’re heading towards is a huge benefit.  There are 2 people at Mount Hermon that I consider mentors, and then there are a lot of others that I consider “friend-tors”, these people in my life that consistently pour into me have been a huge reward.  The last big reward I would say I was blessed by was my supervisor, she was a SUPERvisor!


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