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A Day in the Life of the Youth Team

A Day in the Life of the Youth Team

Written By: Kelsey Paterson

Youth Team Christmas
Many people ask what a typical day at work looks like for the Youth Team at Mount Hermon. To be honest, there are no “typical” days for the Youth Team. Our vision behind everything we do is to “lead students one step closer to Jesus.” We keep this vision in mind throughout the whole year, as we continually implement or plan programs intentionally designed for junior high and high school students.

We move in seasons where pace, project priority and location are always shifting. There is no “down time” and we do not function in a 9am-5pmĀ schedule. We work incredibly hard, but all the while loving what we do and who we are working with, keeping our vision of leading students one step closer to Jesus at the forefront of our minds.
Youth Team Van
At any given time during the year, we’re pushing up to three youth programs forward, all in different stages of development. While brainstorming Fall Frenzy themes and big ideas, we’re balancing building sets for Ponderosa’s summer program and writing small group questions for CC Youth. When traveling on the road to recruit summer staff for the 90+ youth and young adult positions, we’re brainstorming future theme ideas. In the course of an afternoon, we’ll research the elements for a great all-camp game for Ponderosa, plan the CC Youth decorations, and then finish painting a set piece. Every day, and every season is different. Which is all the more reason why we keep coming back to our central vision: leading students one step closer to Jesus. It is the stories of transformation in the lives of campers and staff that keep us motivated. And it is for this reason why the “typical day” in the life of the Youth Team is so rewarding.

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