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This Summer at Redwood…

This Summer at Redwood…

Getting ready for summer is hands down the best time of year! It can be busy, frantic, and even stressful. It’s also exciting and energizing as new staff arrive and we prepare for campers! Our Children’s Ministry intern, Sarah Cooper, is stoked for camp to start. I talked with her last week about what this summer is going to look like at Redwood Camp.

This year’s theme at Redwood (Read More) is “Foreverland,” a Peter Pan-esque adventure where kids will learn that they are forever children of God. Sarah and Chafer, our Director of Children’s Ministry, have been working for months to prepare for the start of summer, and the moment is almost here, in fact, summer staff get here this week! Sarah told me, “I’m excited to see how our program is going to play out with campers! I’m excited about our theme and our staff and how God is using both of those things to impact lives. And I’m excited that we have full camps this summer!”

The theme this summer is going to be awesome! Sarah told me about one of the activities that campers are going to play: “It’s called Tribal Thunder. On Thursday we will be using the parable of the talents to teach campers about how we’re all uniquely gifted. For the activity we’ll split the camp into four teams, or tribes, and each tribe will learn a different dance. Then, all the teams will come together and we’ll show them how their dance fits together with the other teams’ dances to contribute to the greater whole. Counselors will be able to use this activity to teach kids that their unique gifts and talents contribute to the greater body of Christ!”

It’s going to be a great summer, and we’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the amazing things that God is doing at Redwood. Please join us in praying for the staff as they minister to full camps all summer long!

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