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Creating a Legacy

Creating a Legacy


Most people automatically assume when they hear the word “legacy” that you’re referring to money or land and how much you’re going to leave to your heirs. And while that certainly is an important part of any inheritance, legacy can mean so much more.

We are all in a position to leave more than just money. Our values; those things we deem important. Our worldview; our sense of how the world works. And our spiritual view; how we feel about God and His place in this world and in our lives.

These are things we hand down to our children, most of the time without even knowing it. And because oftentimes we’re not intentional about it, we pass down ideals and attitudes we’d rather not. Our children and our grandchildren end up getting big portions of us. And sometimes, regrettably, that means getting our worst instead of our best.

But what if we were more proactive? What if we identified those positive ideals, values and attitudes we wanted to pass on and made an actual plan of how we were going to instill those values in our children and grandchildren; no longer content to leaving it to mere chance?

Imagine the impact we could make then.

That’s why we’ve designed the Creating a Legacy conference on August 19-23. We want to give real, practical ways to be intentional about the heritage we are passing on. Certainly we want to leave a financial inheritance if possible. But we also want to pass along a foundation of values and beliefs that will protect and shelter that financial inheritance for many generations.

At this conference we’ll certainly take the time to cover major issues like finances. But we’ll also talk about traditions, heritage, health, and learning to tell our family stories. We’ll talk about our family dynamic and developing a better understanding of the generations coming after ours.

The Creating a Legacy conference is a new kind of adult conference offering not only opportunities to learn but to retreat and play as well. And each day will be capped off by an encouraging word from Rev. Earl Palmer.

God has blessed you richly. He’s been faithful. And now is the time for you to consider how you will, as a good and faithful steward, pass on this rich heritage of God’s favor. Join us and learn how to create a rich legacy for those you love.

To register for this uniquely valuable conference simply click here. Or call the registrar at (831)335-4466.

Because we should be leaving more than just breadcrumbs…

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  • My husband, clinical psychologist Dr. Victor Silva-Palacios and I have started a blog about this very subject…leaving a spiritual and emotional heritage to your children and thus to succeeding generations. We love Mount Hermon! Thank you for this new project.

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