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Not Just For Kids

Not Just For Kids

At the end of summer, in that space before fall commences, Redwood Camp is still and quiet. After 10 solid weeks of summer camp, it’s noticeably tranquil. These are times I have come to treasure greatly. Not because camp is over, though a break is always nice. It’s an opportunity for me to reflect on all that’s happened here on these 7 acres, tucked under the canopy of the Redwoods, nestled near two converging creeks and a waterfall. I ponder this past summer, and the past year, in fact even the past six summers I have served as director. And then, of course, Redwood’s history goes much deeper than that, and I’m filled with awe and wonder at all that has happened here at Redwood Camp—lives transformed.

Like a giant redwood, there are rings and rings of lives that have taken root for those who have passed under these “ever–living” trees. The Redwoods are story tellers, and as I walk around campus I hear the stories in the rustling of their needles and the creaking of their limbs as they sway in the breeze.

This fall we are breaking ground a new recreation pavilion at Redwood Camp. This covered gym and game room, open to the surrounding beauty, will enhance our ability to meet the needs of our campers and guests year round.

To accommodate the construction we have moved all weekend events to Ponderosa Lodge for the coming year. This required shifting some dates slightly, with our Moms & Sons retreat moved from the fall. Ponderosa Lodge is a great venue with lots of options for activities and a slightly larger capacity. I know it will provide a great temporary home for our Parent/Child retreats and Junior Getaways.

I invite you to join us with your son or daughter this year. I’m excited to announce that we are bringing back our Dads & Sons retreat! So, please mark your calendars, spread the word, grab some friends and join us for a fun and memory–making retreat with your child!


Still not convinced? Here’s what you can expect from a parent/child retreat:


Pace and flow of the weekend—not too structured, not too free, but just right

“The timing + flow was great—mix of free time + structured time as well as some time w/just the moms alone was great.” —Parent

Connection—with other moms, parent to child, and God

“Devotions. Loved the opportunity to do fun, daring adventures as a family! I enjoyed the crazy dancing/worship times. And loved the Saturday a.m. talk with just speaker and moms.” —Parent

Spiritual impact—lives transformed.

“My daughter wants to start joining me during my morning devotional times to have her own devotionals. Our church is reading through the NT this year, and she’s going to join in because of our discussion of Psalm 19 this weekend.” —Parent

“Yes! This is our special place to encapsulate and celebrate how much we love each other and God!” —Parent

What kids say was their favorite part—the honest truth

“Being with my mom and making memories”

“Honestly, EVERYTHING! But, I really enjoyed spending time with my mom and learning about God.”

“Being with mom + knowing nobody would judge if you hold hands.”

What moms had to say was the biggest impact—equally as important

“Lighting the fire of God in my daughter! We bought her a big girl Bible!”

“Watching my daughter be herself.”

Four 2016 Parent/child Weekends

(All held at Ponderosa Lodge)

Dads & Sons
February 19–21, 2016
Moms & Sons
February 26–28, 2016
Moms & Daughters 1
April 22–24, 2016
Moms & Daughters 2
April 29–May 1, 2016

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