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Lockheed Fire Update: Friday, 8/14, 10am

Lockheed Fire Update: Friday, 8/14, 10am

The fire has grown, but it is still no threat to Mount Hermon at this time and likely never will be.  Everything is going smoothly here under blue skies.  You can use our webcam to see for your self! Keep praying for those in Bonny Doon who are evacuated and for the staff who are volunteer fire fighters on the line.

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  • Any updates? Specifically, we are arriving tomorrow. Will this affect our drive, arrival?

  • As far as we know, there is not impact to travel to Mount Hermon at this time unless you would usually come down Highway 1 and come across at Bonny Doon via Felton-Empire Grade. All “normal” routes here are open, 17, 9, Graham Hill Road.

    There was a bit of smoke today due to heavy fog trapping it close to the ground last night. Other than that we expect a great week. If the smoke is not clear by tomorrow, we will work with Program and Health Services staff to adjust activities to fit the conditions. And, as I mentioned before, our nurses would all you if your children had respiratory issues that could be impacted by the air quality. Thanks for asking.

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