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Lockheed Fire Update: 8/13 at 5:08pm

Lockheed Fire Update: 8/13 at 5:08pm

We have seen a shift in the wind to the south east so we are seeing some smoke and ash from central camp. We called and again spoke directly to a Felton Fire Captain at 5pm. He indicated the fire is 10 miles from our location and there is no need for concern at this time. Everything is “normal.” here. Nurses have been instructed to call any parents of kids with respiratory issues in the event air quality is reduced, so you do not need to call them. The air quality is good.

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  • It would be appreciated if you could do more frequent updates. I have been on the edge of my seat wondering if I should come get my son and I was checking thru the night as well. Thank you.

  • Good morning Kelly, I’m not an official update from Mount Hermon, but as a resident keeping an eye on things I can share a bit of information.

    For those at Mount Hermon right now they wouldn’t have any idea there was even a fire in the area. I don’t see or smell any smoke, the winds are carrying almost all of the smoke down towards Monterey at this time.

    For updated information I often rely on the CAL FIRE web page on this incident:

    They have some resources including maps, road closures, etc. The fire is currently about 7 miles away and not currently moving in this direction.

    It would take a massive change in weather and winds for me to worry about it coming anywhere near Mount Hermon. Hope that helps!

    • Thank you for your info Dan. The link is very helpful for us worried mothers….

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