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Your Impact Potential

Your Impact Potential

J. R. Loofbourrow Director of Advancement

Sociologists tell us that even introverted people will influence an average of 10,000 people in their lifetime.  Just think about that!  Someone who’s not even trying will impact many.  What might one person do if he or she is intentional – as Jesus directed us to be?

Last summer we asked many of our family camps: “What was most significant or meaningful about your week?” A first-timer responded: “Confirmed my belief in Jesus Christ.”

There are hundreds of responses I could share with you.  But I choose this one.  Think about that statement… “confirmed my belief in Jesus Christ.”  In a society that causes us to face fear, futility and frustration much of the time, how many lives will this person influence for the Kingdom in the years ahead: 100, 1000, 10,000…?  At Mount Hermon, lives continue to be transformed by Jesus Christ every week!

Thank You for being part of God’s plan and provision for Mount Hermon.  Like the psalmist in Psalm 9, we continue to thank God from full hearts.  We are whistling, laughing and jumping for joy.  We are singing His songs.  We pray that this month you will experience God with wide-open eyes and hearts. Together we will continue impacting people’s lives for Jesus Christ.

What kind of impact potential has God put inside you?

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