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Intern Update :: Week of Nov 15

Intern Update :: Week of Nov 15

Happy Tuesday Mount Hermon Interns!

  1. Here is the pertinent info for this week:
  2. Finish reading My Heart Christ’s Home and turn in a reflection at this week’s meeting.  If you do not want your advisor to read it, please turn your reflection in within a sealed envelope.
  3. Thank you one and all for turning in ALL your HR paperwork!!!
  4. Mark your calendars that we will NOT meet on 11/25 due to Thanksgiving (thank you in advance for all those who will be serving our guests over the holiday!!)
  5. Remember, your advisor is always available to you to help process or problem solve.
  6. Please plan to attend the MH Christmas Potluck on Dec 14, 5-8pm.  This is considered an all-intern event.

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday!

-Charlie and Katie

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