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Writing Tip #9: Keep writing.

Writing Tip #9: Keep writing.

 Writing “genius,” like any other kind, is 99% perspiration. The authors I admire most all worked extremely hard early in their careers to learn their craft. They wrote hard and often. Their books were not the product of small bits of inspiration but of steady, dedicated, intense work, day after day.

 I’ve counseled many writers at conferences who have come with a single manuscript yet haven’t got another project going. I tell them, “That’s wonderful. You’ve written a novel. That’s a great accomplishment. Now, get to work on the next one. And as you’re writing that next one, be developing an idea for the project after that.”

 You see, publishers and agents are not looking for a book. They are looking for solid, dependable writers. They invest in careers. They want to know you can do this over and over again.

So show them you can. Keep writing!

James Scott Bell, Writers Conference Faculty member; Suspense/Thriller Fiction Writer

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