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Writers Conference Web Binder Ready to Download

Writers Conference Web Binder Ready to Download

Writers conference is only a week and a half away!  Can it really be so close?  It takes all year to plan it, and 5 days to live it. Then it’s over for another year.  But don’t let me get ahead of myself. 

I just wanted to remind those of you who will be attending our conference this year that the binder is now on the website under “Forms”.  All the outlines for all the sessions are there, as well as the faculty photos and descriptions of their workshops.  Download everything you want in your own binder and bring it with you.  Or upload everything to your laptop and bring that with you to take notes on along side the outlines.  Unless you have the special pdf software that allows you to type on pdf’s, you’ll need to take notes on something other than the outlines if you bring the binder on your computer.  This is all in the hope of being good stewards of the beautiful trees in God’s gorgeous earth.  No more wasted paper and notebooks left after conference this way.

Can’t wait to have you here on campus, learning together and networking with each other.  We’ve got the lights on, and are looking for you!


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