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150 Part-Time Staff Make Mount Hermon Happen!

150 Part-Time Staff Make Mount Hermon Happen!

Many, if not most of us, are keenly aware of the impact and scope of the summer staff experience at Mount Hermon. Each year, Mount Hermon hires over 200 college students and young adults to work at the Conference Center, Redwood, Ponderosa, and Kidder Creek. But did you know that this summer there will be over 150 part-time staff working right alongside our summer staff?

The truth is, our Adventure, Accommodations, and Dining departments could not run this summer without the hard work put in by all of our part-time workers!

In the dining hall, workers arrive at 6:30 am to prepare for breakfast for our guests at our various camps. They work hard to serve over 3,000 meals every single day between our four sites (plus a lot of donuts)! They graciously serve guests coffee, clear plates, set up refreshment breaks, and most importantly scoop ice cream at the Fountain.

Continued from the Alumni Newsletter

Our accommodations staff work tirelessly to prepare and maintain the rooms where our guests spend their weeks. In addition to cleaning 150 lodge rooms and 30 cabins in a 24-hour period between when guests leave on Saturday and arrive on Sunday, they change towels and tidy up rooms for our guests during the week to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible.

Our Adventure Department has been growing exponentially over the last few years. If you haven’t visited Mount Hermon in a while, here are some highlights:

  • The Redwood Canopy Tour will host 10,000 guests this summer.
  • Discovery Grove (our newest ropes course) has been a huge hit at family camp, especially for those who are 5-11 years old!
  • The Sequoia Ropes Course just got a remodel, and it’s awesome.

When you add these to rock climbing, archery, the swimming pools, the McAfee Fieldhouse, and ropes courses at Redwood, Ponderosa, and Kidder Creek, that’s a whole lot of adventure. It takes nearly 80 part time staff members alongside our crew of 15 summer staff to make all of this adventure happen.

So as you think about and pray for our summer staff this year, please also think about and pray for our part time staff. We are so grateful to work alongside them, and we know that without them, camp wouldn’t be possible.

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