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Redwood Society Summer Celebration Marks Continued Growth

Redwood Society Summer Celebration Marks Continued Growth

Membership in the Redwood Society continues to expand, and our celebration in July gave evidence to the growth to 165.  Because of the increase, we had to move the annual banquet from the Associates weekend in May to a concert weekend in July. What a great encouragement this is to the entire staff and Board of Directors.

The format was different, with a celebratory dinner, followed by an outstanding concert from pianist Marti Williams, who used to be on our staff with her husband, Sherman, several years ago. It was fun to join Marti for a “cameo” appearance to play four hands on one keyboard, and tromp through an old Sunday School song, “The Assurance March.” Well, at least it was good for comic relief!

We’re working on plans for the 2015 celebration, including finding a date that works for the majority. We’ll let members know as soon as final plans are set.

We’re eager to have more members join the group. The Redwood Society was formed and dedicated to bonding together a group of special friends who have set aside a portion of their estate for the future benefit of Mount Hermon. There are no other membership requirements.

Don’t forget that if you want to discuss gifting opportunities, or have us recommend professionals who can help you with wise planning, please feel free
to contact me at

Let us know how we can help you. 

Here are the new members who have joined since our last Kindling publication:

Gerry & Shirley Cox
Bob & Kathy Eckman
Anthony & Alpha Fagundes
Marvin & Kathy Griffing
Mary Lou Grunigen
Ed & Joan Gutzmann
Fred & Lisa Hauter
Marty & Lauren Herceg
Steven & Jane Honett
Robert & Joanne Lindstrom
Kirby & Carolyn Loo
Larry & Marline Lutz
Bob & Peggy Mapes
Brian & Debby Millhouse
Paul & Virginia Schneider
Bruce & Candace Spong
Albert & Joan Weiss
Curt & Gracie Willson
Peter & Li-ui Yang

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