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Intern Update :: Week of Oct 4

Intern Update :: Week of Oct 4

Hey Mount Hermon Interns!

I hope your week is going great.

I realize I am late with this posting once again and I am sorry for that.  I’m going to need to change the posting time each week.  We will talk more about that at tomorrow’s meeting.

Here are some things you all need to be aware of:

  • Meals this weekend:  Fri Oct. 8 – Dinner at CC 7:00; Sat Oct. 9 – Breakfast (8:00), Lunch, (12:30), and Dinner (6:00) at CC; Sun Oct. 10 – Breakfast (8:00) and Lunch, (12:30) at CC
  • Meals for early next week: Mon Oct. 11 – Wed Oct. 13 – No meals at CC
  • Evergreen furniture: I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the furniture that was moved out of Evergreen has to be returned to Evergreen.  The furniture that was moved into Evergreen can stay but the original furniture has to be returned.  Please take care of this by Sunday, October 10.  In the future, any furniture plans have to be run through Bill Fernald.  Thanks men!
  • Weekly Intern Meeting: We are meeting Thursday from 3-5 for our Intern Meeting.

See you Thursday!


“The opposite of joy is not suffering; it’s despair in suffering”
John Piper

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