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Mixin’ up the Trail

Mixin’ up the Trail

What a stupid title.

Anyway, in my free time lately, I’ve been frequenting the bulk food section of the market and creating my own trail mix.  Talk about a good time.

My first attempt pretty much flopped:

Ingredients: almonds, raisins, and way too many walnuts (which taste like cardboard).

Capital bor-ing!  Of course, I bought the costco pack of walnuts, almonds, and raisins so I’ve been choking that failure down since Thanksgiving.

This latest attempt — how shall I say — rocks my socks:

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds (minus the shells, of course), pumpkin seeds (spooky), cashew pieces (the “pieces” are key: same great nut, for half the ridiculous price), raisins (my fav), walnuts (in moderation), almonds (pronounced ammonds where I come from), and cranberries (zing!).  

In order to whet your appetite, I’ve included a complementary sample (what now, Costco?).  It even looks all faded and dreamy on the edges… probably because it’s straight from your imagination.


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  • Craig, please let me tell you about MY experiences with the “buy-in-bulk” section of the grocery store. I once had similar aspirations as you did… but through a comical and innocent turn of events I ended up being banned from every major Foodland (only grocery store) on the island of Maui. Just remember this next time you venture into the ever so fun aisle: Samples are not free 🙂 You might just get taken to the back, forced to pay for the 5 cents worth of Tofu Energy Nuggets you sampled, get your pictures taken and posted on the wall, then escorted out and told you will be arrested next time you enter…

    hypothetically of course 😉

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