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The best staff ever!

The best staff ever!

Kidder Creek Staff

Summer’s Coming! For those of us who work at camp year round summer camp is like a freight train.  It steams closer every day, and you can hear the rumble of energy and the excitement build as summer approaches.  Starting in January. I start each staff meeting with the saying, “Summer is Coming”, and it will be here before we know it.

It takes a coordinated effort from volunteers, friends and staff to make sure we are ready to open our doors for summer camp in June!  Everything we do is a lead up to the big day!  One of the best days of the Kidder calendar is when we welcome our staff and then our camper families.  There are so many projects and steps to get to this point,  but our biggest effort each year goes into hiring our staff.  Every year I say “this is the best staff ever!”, because each year we have an amazing staff and I have a short memory.  But no really, we do hire the best and this year is no exception.  We are assembling a terrific team from all over the country.  A team of young people who want to serve Jesus and pour into the lives of the next generation.

Become a Finder!
Here’s how you can help us get over the finish line with our hiring for 2022.  Become a finder.  Our finder’s program incentivizes you to help us spread the word to potential great staff by word of mouth.  If we hire someone that you recommend to, you get paid!  You can go to this link and signing up to be a finder.

The next thing you can do is tell someone they should work at camp!  It’s the best time ever and the life lessons learned will stay with them forever.

You can send any potentially interested staffers to where they can learn more and apply online.

As of this posting date, we are still hiring MTB guides, counselors, lifeguards, river guides, maintenance and kitchen staff.

Be a part of God’s work at Kidder Creek Camp by helping us to recruit and hire the “Best Staff Ever!”

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