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Mount Hermon Associates Family Celebrations

Mount Hermon Associates Family Celebrations

A wife, mother, grandmother and Mount Hermon Associate shared at Victory Circle this summer at the conclusion of family camp. What a blessing it was to hear how Mount Hermon has become such an impactful and integral part of their family’s life.

“…I feel like Mount Hermon has really kept our family together. It has been the prayers and giving of many faithful people who have kept Mount Hermon going. Behind the scenes there are many families who support the ministry every month and they are called Associates. We have given to Mount Hermon over the years, but have become Associates, regular givers, for the last couple of years. Now we are here with our two married kids, their spouses and our seven grandchildren. Nothing makes grandparents happier than to see their grandchildren, the third generation, coming to hear about Jesus. Some of you may be touched tonight with the stories and you may be touched because God is calling you to give to Mount Hermon on a regular basis. We need more people, more families, more Associates. God will bless your life if you give to Him. He will provide things to you…not just physical things but spiritual things. He will support you and take care of you if you set out in faith and give to Mount Hermon this year….”

Family is important to us here at Mount Hermon. We consider each of you to be part of our greater Mount Hermon family. You also may hear us talk about our Associates family, and like a lot of families we enjoy a reunion periodically to stay in touch. The best reunions allow you to reconnect with people you don’t see often, catching up on what’s going on in life, visiting and of course, eating!

So a few years back we started our version of small regional Mount Hermon family reunions throughout California. In 2013 we had two, then 2014 we had three, and this year we just went crazy and we’re having six, including our Yorba Linda event held in April! We are fortunate that our guests, conferees, friends and family come to see us often in our own backyard, at Mount Hermon, but we wanted to reciprocate.

So what’s the point of these regional celebrations? We want to…

  • come to your backyard.

  • fill you in on the latest ministry news and updates from camp.

  • spend some time with Mike and Jane Romberger—you’ll love them!

  • connect you with other friends of Mount Hermon in your area.

  • feed you, after all it’s Mount Hermon!

It would be a delight to have you join us when we’re in your neighborhood, or close thereabouts. If you’ve received a Save the Date card, then you’ll be receiving an invitation in the mail about four weeks prior to the event. If you didn’t receive a card, let us know so we can get you on the list.

We are so grateful for all you do for Mount Hermon and look forward to seeing you this fall.

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