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Major Morning Instructor, Glenna Salsbury’s Excitement

Major Morning Instructor, Glenna Salsbury’s Excitement


Oh, the gift of writing!  Fiction or non-fiction…major publisher or self-published…books change lives.  But only if they are read!  And “word-of-mouth” provides a huge assist to the “word-of-your-pen”!  I know because I write and I speak…and my mouth is a big help to my message reaching readers.

So, if you would like to increase your speaking confidence, hone your verbal message, learn to tell spell-binding stories and hold an audience in the palm of your hand…join me at Mount Hermon Writers Conference in my Major Morning Track, “Enhancing Your Mouth–While Standing on Your Feet!”

This is the third time I have had the privilege of teaching this series at Mount Hermon and there are numerous Mount Hermon authors who are now, to their own amazement, being paid to speak!  In addition, they are selling hundreds of books from the back of the room!

In this Major Track you will:

  • Receive individual coaching
  • Learn how to tell your own story
  • Discover the secret to creating rhythm as you speak
  • Find techniques to overcome your fear and/or resistance to speaking
  • Enhance your understanding of your life purpose
  • Identify the essential clues for connecting with an audience–from book signings to banquets

It’s my heart’s desire that you experience fresh enthusiasm for your relationship with Christ, so each day I will be sharing some Biblical truths and personal experience that the Lord has used to enhance my walk as a believer.

Come join me.  I believe you will be a more inspired writer, a more confident communicator and have an enhanced checking account as a result!

Besides all that, you will experience large doses of laughter during your learning!

Glenna Salsbury, Instructor:  Enhancing Your Mouth–While Standing On Your Feet!  Glenna is a professional award winning speaker.

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  • I would love to attend, but am not able this year. I hope these sessions will be available on CD/tape because this is exactly the kind of class I need right now in my life and career.

  • Hello Angela, as far as I know audio will be recorded of most or all of the sessions, be sure the check out the website again following the conference for details on ordering the CD’s. I think I heard rumor there might even be the option to purchase the recordings as digital downloads this year! Not sure about that one yet though.

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