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2011 Writers Conference, April 15-19

2011 Writers Conference, April 15-19

We’re already planning for next years Writers Conference and want to share  some of what we already know. 

If you’re wondering when Writers Conference is, just remember that it always falls over the Palm Sunday weekend, however that appears on the Calendar.  In 2011, it’s as late as it ever is.  That should mean lovely weather, though this year of wet and cold has certainly not been “normal”.  Perhaps in 2011 the weather will be back to it’s old “typical California sunny warm Spring”.  We can at least hope! 

Our keynoter for 2011 is Bill Myers, a motivational speaker who includes a lot of humor in his teaching.  Bill writes both adult and childrens books and has been involved with production of movies as well.   He taught our Children’s Books Major Morning Track this past year and was a hit!  You’ll find the general sessions worth your while.

Of course there will be the wonderful opportunities to network with other writers, editors from book and magazine publishing houses, an increased number of agents, and a slew of professional freelancers.  They all will be teaching workshops, hosting tables where you can talk with them personally, and a large group are at the free Critique Tables each afternoon.  Former registrants have said this networking with industry people has been life-changing in their writing.

Of course, we can’t forget the surroundings . . . tucked in the midst of majestic Redwoods, Rhododenrun, Azalea and Dogwood, Mount Hermon is a beautiful place to spend the week.  Some free time offers the opportunity to walk the Sequoia Trail or drive the four miles to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz.  “Doesn’t Get Better Than That!” 

And our Executive Chef adds to the conference with the great buffets he sets out for all of us.  Wonderful fare!  You won’t go hungry.

Now, having said all that, it’s time to start saving your pennies.  Put some cash aside each month and you’ll be surprised at how fast it builds up.  And — if you want to get a discount — get together a group of 10 or more and you qualify.  Check out the website sometime around November 1 and you’ll find all the 2011 information listed.  In the meantime, if you haven’t come before, this years conference information is still up on the web so you can look at what our Writers Conference looks like. 

Looking forward to having you with us in 2011.  You’ll not be disappointed.  I can guarantee that.

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  • I just found out about the writer’s conference in 2011. I am interested in attending and would like to receive further information.

  • So hope you can come! I think the information I have right now is listed above. I’m in the process of inviting faculty and staff and will have all the 2011 information up on the web by November 1.

    This conference has been the seedbed for many to get their start as published writers, as well as the motivation to get them growing in their writing skills. Many published authors were “discovered” here. What’s not to like about those odds! :>)

    Hope you’ll start saving and looking to get a group together to bring to the conference. Check out the website the first of November!

    Have a great fall.

    Rachel Williams

  • I’m interested in attending and would like to know how much the event will cost. Does the price include room and board?


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