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The Art and Wonder of Writing for Tweens & Teens

The Art and Wonder of Writing for Tweens & Teens

Each Monday, we’re featuring one of the Major Morning Tracks lined up for March 2016.

Choose one of seven tracks designed for writers at every skill level for your Major Morning Track—Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Designed with three parts packed with benefits.

  • Morning Instruction
  • Guided writing in tandem with the teaching
  • Afternoon Mentoring Groups

Nancy Rue cropped (677x800)Instructor: Nancy Rue, Author 

Nancy comes to the mentoring table with a wealth of experience: 31 years writing both fiction and non-fiction for middle grade, YA, new adult, and adult audiences; 43 years teaching creative writing; and 122 published books. Over a million of those have sold over her 20 years writing full time. A two-time Christy Award winner, Nancy has expanded her ministry through her Writer’s Mentorship Program to mentor new authors who are led to a writing ministry of their own.

Major Morning Track #5 of 7

The Art and Wonder of Writing for Tweens & Teens

It takes a special kind of writer to create for children and young adults. Writing for them requires not only a  degree of child-brain and kid-memory, but a  certain skill set – an aptitude – a calling. In our time together we’ll discover exactly where you fall as a young people’s author, how you can hone the tools you need in the bag, and just where to go from there as a person called to the kids.


What questions do you have that you’d like Nancy Rue to answer in her Major Morning Track?


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