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What’s Amata with you?

What’s Amata with you?

Ever since we named our teen girl camp last year, we have heard every joke and question under the sun about the name “Amata”.  My favorite is the old joke that’s a play on words:
“What’s amata?
Nothing, what’s amata (the matter) with you?”
<<insert roll of eyes and deep sigh here>>

Let’s set the record straight: Amata is the Italian word for Beloved.

So, back to the cheesy joke…
The question, “What’s Amata with you?” could easily be translated:
“What’s Beloved with you?”
Now that’s a GOOD question.  That’s a question we seek to answer.  That’s a question I want to know the answer to.  That’s a question I’d love to hear your answers to

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  • I love this. I cant wait for this summer!

    Whats “Amata” with you:)

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