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7 Reasons You Should Attend a Parent/Child Retreat

7 Reasons You Should Attend a Parent/Child Retreat

Parent Child Retreat Bonding

We know being a parent is hard work and the pressure to provide for your kids and ensure their success is tremendous. Of all the things we give to our children there are two gifts that top all the others: the gift of our time and the gift of a relationship with Jesus. One great way to share these two amazing gifts with your kids is to carve out some special time away for just the two of you. That is why we created the parent/child retreat with you and your child in mind. And, just in case you need convincing here are seven reasons why a weekend away together is a great idea!

Mount Hermon’s Parent/Child Weekend Retreats will help you…

1. Maximize the time you have with your child and build lasting memories. We all can attest to how fast the years fly by, especially as our kids hit the elementary years. You only have this phase with your child for a short time, so why not maximize the time you have with memories that will last a lifetime? To help your weekend memories stick, we even include a professional photo shoot and printed picture of you and your child to take home.

2. Get away from distractions to focus on what really matters. Let someone else do the planning and cooking while you focus on the fun, intentional time with your child. We offer healthy, hearty and kid friendly meals while also accommodating guests with special dietary restrictions. All you have to do is sign up, show up, and enjoy a worry-free weekend with your child.

3. Recharge and be encouraged in your role as a parent. Did you know that we have designated parent sessions where you can be encouraged and equipped for your role as a parent? Parenting is the most important job that we have, and the most challenging. Get with other parents in your same phase of life and grow together while your kids are playing games at one our provided kid sessions.

4. Try something new with your child that you can’t do at home. Fly high into the trees on flying squirrel, try archery or throwing an ax, climb a wall, or simply enjoy the fresh air while eating Marianne’s ice cream around a campfire.

5. Spend intentional time growing in your faith together. At our Parent-Child retreats there is designated time for singing praise and worship, listening to creative Bible teaching, reading the Bible and praying together. The best way to help our kids grow spiritually is to model it for them. There is no better person to show them how to connect with Christ than you.

6. Play and laugh with your child. Play laser tag, relay races, or board games, take a night swim or a morning hike, eat ice cream or make s’mores, watch silly skits or laugh around the campfire, make something unique in the craft shack or challenge each other to a game of pool, table tennis, air hockey or carpet ball in our game room. Lots of choices when you choose a weekend away with your child at Mount Hermon.

7. Get outdoors together. Put away the laptops, tablets and screens and spend time face to face and side by side smelling the fresh air and challenging yourself with one of our adventure activities. Throw an ax, try archery, climb a wall or fly high into the trees with flying squirrel. Enjoy volleyball, swimming, tetherball, shuffleboard, ladder ball, corn hole, gaga ball, or four square. Play basketball on our sport court or play catch on the lawn. You can’t beat being outdoors all weekend with your child.

With options this spring and summer both in Santa Cruz and Northern California there is no reason not to enjoy a special weekend away with your child intentionally focused on Christ and your relationship with each other. We only get a limited amount of years with our kids and a retreat at Mount Hermon is the perfect way to maximize the time you have together!

Naomie Bragado
Director of Children’s Ministry

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