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Meet the Staff: Carrie Luther

Meet the Staff: Carrie Luther

Over the years, God has brought together a unique blend of staff to Mount Hermon; we’re blessed to have a talented team working side by side. Since you’re our extended family, we’d like you to know the “in- house” family the Lord has brought together. Here is a little insight into Carrie Luther, Director of Human Resources. Carrie joined the Mount Hermon staff in May 2013.

Tell us a little about your family and how the Lord brought you to Mount Hermon?

CARRIE: My journey to Mount Hermon started in 1996 when I started my career in human resources.  After 16 years as a HR professional with Granite Construction, a change in leadership ultimately led to a reduction in force and my employment was terminated in February, 2012. It has been an amazing experience and a blessing to watch God orchestrate all the details, including using all the years I spent at Granite, to enable me to come and serve at Mount Hermon.

Give us a sound bite of your ministry philosophy and personal mission within your departmental world.

CARRIE: We are called to demonstrate Christ’s love through our actions.  This applies even when difficult conversations may be required; or in giving feedback, whether it is positive or developmental. The way we treat one another in our day-to-day work speaks volumes about how well we love one another.

What’s new on the horizon for you and your team this year?

CARRIE: I am passionate about the opportunity to deliver a wide variety of training to our employees. We are in the process of improving our recruitment processes by updating our job opportunities website and application process. We’re reviewing our current annual performance review process and forms to ensure that employees are receiving pinpointed expectations and meaningful performance feedback.

How can we pray for you and your team?

CARRIE: We would love your prayers for guidance and discernment as we strive to serve Mount Hermon’s staff and guests with excellence.  We are excited to be participants in Mount Hermon’s role in bringing people one step closer to Jesus.

As you think of them, please take the time to pray for these important departments and these two team members who head them up.

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