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Volunteer Partners — Shared Benefit

Volunteer Partners — Shared Benefit

Mount Hermon has hundreds of Volunteer Partners, serving here each year in many ways. Wherever they’re involved you can catch their joy and teamwork in unforgettable experiences that exemplify our mission of “Lives Transformed.” They are committed friends and true Partners with us. Each year their hours contributed at Mount Hermon, Whisper Canyon and Kidder Creek are the equivalent of ten full-time staff! What a blessing!

Mount Hermon Volunteer Partners often come as groups, for a day or even a week. They join in building projects, with landscaping, even clearing invasive plants – where ever their interests and skills best fit.

Craig Blodgett, Youth Pastor at First Presbyterian of Fresno, brought his Junior High and High School groups last year for their Spring Break trip.  “Both groups had a terrific experience working together at the camp,” said Blodgett.  “A natural bond occurred within the group as we pulled weeds, cut branches and worked side by side.”



What these volunteers gain is never limited to Mount Hermon. We often hear their excited stories of ministry impact that extends well beyond their time here.  “Our time serving together provided us the setting for meaningful conversations to happen among our adult volunteers and students, that most likely would not have happened otherwise.”

With so many “missional” options today for youth and adult groups, why would they choose to come to Mount Hermon for a week? Well, let’s have one youth leader answer that: “It’s a blessing to arrive at Mount Hermon without any concern for bringing equipment or food, and to simply focus on the spiritual lives of the students, and to enjoy being together.”



We would love to host your group, to offer your church the space to minister together outside of your normal arena. We invite you to come, to be part of the remarkable Mount Hermon ministry. Let us facilitate a special way for you to create a memorable experience for your youth group, your small group or even your family.

Find out more:  Don Broesamle, Director of Volunteer Partners  –  at 831.430.1240   -or-   -or-

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